“Is there a light, you have inside you can’t touch?” – Valerie June

Growing up in small town Kansas, my family lived painfully below the poverty line. A superhero and single mother of four, my mom had to scrimp and save to be able to afford the dance lessons she put us in (starting age three). The arts became my great equalizer. Through theatre and dance, I found a precious and priceless part of myself that I was able to hold onto and keep sacred; giving me a deep desire to prove myself artistically. Every artistic endeavor I’ve encountered has thus been approached with that same fervor.

In college, while attending KCACTF, I auditioned for the Open Jar Institute’s summer college program here in the city. I still remember the utter elation I felt when I got the phone call telling me I’d been accepted. I absolutely fell in love with everything NYC was, and knew this was where I needed to be. I’m so thankful every day to be living out my dreams in this incredible city.